Shoshin Dojo teaches traditional Japanese Martial Arts in the form of ‘Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu’ in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. We offer a FREE introductory class, please contact us / email info@shoshindojo.net / text or call 0433 347 488 to redeem.

The Bujinkan is the overarching name given to the study of the 9 schools of martial study inherited by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, who now teaches these 9 schools as a whole system, from the hombu dojo in Noda, Japan. Of the 9 schools, 3 are directly associated with ninjutsu, and therefore Bujinkan is often associated with ninjutsu. The other schools include martial study typical of traditional Japanese, non-sport forms of combat. Shoshin Dojo has a direct link to the Japanese masters, with instructors and students frequently travelling to hombu dojo in Japan to learn from the masters of the art.

Training incorporates body movement in unarmed tactics and with buki (weapons) and includes locks, holds, strikes, kicks, injury prevention (ukemi) and various weapons including sword, long and short staff, throwing weapons, and some of the more foreign weapons of ninjutsu and battlefield.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us / email info@shoshindojo.net /text or call 0433 347 488 or come to a class. Training is open for students of all skill and fitness levels 16 years and older who meet the Guidelines of the Bujinkan. Students will find that training is in a relaxed, learning environment, and is challenging and rewarding.

New Class Starts Thursday 1st Feb 2018 at St Marys